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Financial documents are e-mailed, uploaded or scanned by the client automatically into thedigibookx™ processing server. digibookx™ uploads the required information to compatible online small business bookkeeping software including MYOB and Quickbooks.


The digitised data is automatically extracted and processed in native and PDF formats. This data is then validated and its accuracy verified. digibookx™ is now compatible with online accounting programs that currently includes Quickbooks and MYOB.


Data is then uploaded to the client equipment, where transactions are automatically entered and reconciled into their own accounting software for small business. This eliminates the need for manual data entry.


Data is also archived using the digibookx™ long term storage archival solution. This ensures regulatory compliance and enables quick search, access controls and data security surpassing any other online bookkeeping service today.

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

digibookx™ provides your business with the data management tools to deliver results faster and more accurately. Improved efficiency means better decision making with more timely information. The cost savings alone will boost profitability.

Using our online bookkeeping program, businesses can completely eliminate the hassle of handling the paperwork and improve productivity while adding great value to your bottom line. Alternatively, free up resources for deployment to more enterprising roles.