digibookx™ completely automates the capture and review of your financial information into QuickBooks® MYOB® and Xero at an amazingly accessible price.

Once your data is scanned from any location, it is sent to Exemplar's processing centre where it is accurately and automatically extracted and validated. It is then uploaded to the user's accounting package database and is available in near real time. Also provided are simple, yet powerful tools to review, update, audit and view data. The end user saves costs on resources and storage, and improves productivity due to quicker turnaround times, fast searches and easy access to files.

When considering existing data entry issues such as inaccurate input, slow turnaround times, security risks, large paper volumes and a high cost for consultants and Virtual Assistants, digibookx™ becomes an attractive and affordable solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, powerful and cost effective
  • Automated and intelligent process ensures security and accuracy
  • Complementary service to MYOB® QuickBooks® and Xero accounting software
  • Substantial savings in overhead, personnel and transaction costs
  • Tools to simplify updates, reviews and audits of your accounts
  • Searchable document repository saves time, resources and storage costs.
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