Technology & Innovation vs Low Cost Labour

You know that it is cheaper to use labour from other countries. But what about the security of your information?

Are you sure that the information transferred over the net has the highest 128 bit encryption security?

It is inevitable that new technology will challenge today's norm. A prime example is the mobile phone. Many modern phones contain features such as a diary organiser, clock/alarm, email and text messaging, camera, contacts database and many other features. Over the past year or so, you have been able to make secure payments to on-line stores, pass money between dining friends and even accept credit card payments directly. Soon you will use the mobile to open the office, home and garage doors... and even more.

Reduce Bookkeeping Costs

But what about the technology that transfers back-office processing back to Australia? Until now, there hasn't been a solution to this common issue. With digibookx™, the dull, boring data entry job of the Bookkeeper is eliminated!

We are always on the lookout for smart technology that will save costs, save energy and make life easier - leaving more time for family and friends.

digibookx™ is the leading edge technology that will free up your time and money for more important things.

Forget the keyboard and scan all your source documents. Send the scanned file to Exemplar and we will upload it to your MYOB® QuickBooks® or Xero database.

Following some minor checking for accuracy, you're done!

  • Save cost... over 75%
  • Save time... over 80%
  • Save the world with less energy usage
  • Save the world with less paper used
  • Searchable document repository saves resources and storage costs!

What else could you ask for? Try digibookx™ today!

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