The Bookkeeper of the Future

Accounting application software, such as SAP, is used by large businesses whilst SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) mainly use MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero or Saasu in Australia. But we still need to enter the data into the computer to evaluate the output, the summarised information.

Endless error prone hours of data entry by the bookkeeper still exists today... it costs you time and money for a thankless job!

Some applications software organisations profess "no need to enter the data... just give me your bank statement and we will do the rest"! This is true, but it only applies to quarterly Cash Based BAS (Business Activity Statement) returns. However, the BAS return could be inaccurate as the bank statement does not identify the GST (Good & Services Tax) portion of the receipt or payment. Also, all reports do not include accruals and prepayments so are not true Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets.

With all of these supposed shortcuts to recording information for analysis and decision making in Australia, it still costs you time and money. Did you know that the minimum wage in Australia is $15.96 per hour? This excludes the 9.25% compulsory superannuation contribution.

From the 1980s the major role of the bookkeeper was to read the source documents and enter information via a chart of accounts into the accounting system. With bookkeeper salaries in Australia now over $60,000 per annum (excluding superannuation), the cost of data entry became exorbitant - and so "off-shoring" to places like India's BPOs (business process outsourcing) evolved and became the norm. All based on lower costs and not timely, quality output.

Did you also know that you can save over 50% of this cost by using a leading edge world class technology? Rather than "off-shoring" you can use this technology to maintain jobs in Australia.

digibookxâ„¢ uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology to read source documents using a scanning process. It then uses a patented mapping process to enter the data directly to the general ledger. Data entry is eliminated.

The well qualified bookkeeper will then become a much more valuable member of your staff. They will become the reconciler and analyser of the information output, rather than the highly paid data entry clerk. They will become your Assistant Accountant. They will be an ASSET... not a COST!

The days of manual data entry are gone!

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