digibookx™ for the Public Accountant

Clients often don't know the difference between Accounting Services and Bookkeeping Services. They expect their Accountant to be a one-stop shop that will also provide Bookkeeping Services or at worst, recommend a contract Bookkeeper.

There is an expectation that those Accountants who do provide Bookkeeping Services will offer higher level services as the client's business grows. Provision of less than satisfactory services can impact badly - and even lead to the loss of a client.

So, there is a huge reliance on speed and accuracy of data entry by the Bookkeeper.

Data entry problems can be:

  • Slow turnaround - impacts on the way clients perceive value of service
  • Poor accuracy - forces double handling and slows down turnaround
  • Staff retention - hand-over to a new Bookkeeper is time consuming and costly.

To overcome these impediments, the digibookx™ and Exemplar team provide the training, audit and verification process. They also check the data account code allocation for the first three months. Thereafter, digibookx™ remembers the account code of the source document.

Benefits of digibookx™ - on the Bookkeeping data entry process

  • Consistent quality of data
  • Elimination of errors
  • Elimination of handover downtime - the process is ongoing
  • Continuation of service to clients - digibookx™ negates the severity of the impact of staff resignations on data processing volumes
  • Reduction in the number of senior staff supervising Bookkeepers, allowing them to provide higher level accounting services to clients
  • Improvement in relations with your clients knowing that the quality of information is consistent, timely and accurate.

Benefits of digibookx™ - for the Accounting Practice

  • Minimise the risk to your practice
  • Provide Bookkeeping services at a reduced cost to your client - which also increases your margin on the service
  • Faster, more timely and accurate management reports
  • Create a searchable paperless library that can instantaneously retrieve the source document
  • Reduce document storage space
  • Spend more time performing higher level tasks for the client - which results in the generation of higher fees.
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