digibookx™ for the Business Owner

Time is money. And time spent on keeping your books, whilst essential, doesn't earn money for your business. Yet it needn't cost as much as you are currently spending - or take anywhere near the time to produce.

Welcome to digibookx™

This revolution has been a long time coming. Letters have mostly been replaced by e-mails. Going to the bank has been replaced by direct transfers. And now bookkeeping has digibookx™.

We can process all of your digital, printed and even handwritten invoices and receipts, your bank and merchant transactions directly into your MYOB®  QuickBooks® or Xero accounting package.

In days - not weeks - for a fraction of the price!

Plus we don't employ foreign workers to slave over your paperwork under horrible conditions to make it happen.

We have developed very smart software and processes to transfer all your bookkeeping documentation quickly and efficiently into your accounting package. You provide us with the raw materials and we'll have you checking out your cashflow and other important metrics faster than you've ever done before.

We are quick - and secure - and Australian.

The benefits don't stop there.

We have solved common bookkeeping problems such as high costs, slow turnaround, human resources and even the vagaries and uncertainties of off-shoring to save a dollar.

We provide

  • Consistently high quality data entry
  • Facilitation of faster, more timely and accurate management reports
  • A searchable paperless library that can instantaneously retrieve a source document
  • A reduction in overheads
  • A reduction in document storage space.
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