Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Completely eliminate the hassle of handling your accounts, and improve productivity and efficiency while adding great value to your bottom line with digibookx™. Alternatively, free up resources for deployment to more enterprising roles.


Grow Your Business

  • Reduce a typical 38 hour work schedule to under 10 hours using digibookx™
  • With 28 extra hours available to this employee, they could benefit the enterprise by:
    • upskilling with training, or
    • being deployed into a more productive role.

Save On Labour Costs

  • With time reduced to under 10 hours, that role could be:
    • made redundant within the enterprise and handled by an external contractor, or
    • taken over by an existing person within the enterprise who is not fully utilised
  • Using digibookx™, the scanning function can easily be conducted by a lower paid individual.

Upscale Bookkeeping Practice

  • digibookx™ can create a growth model for existing Bookkeepers with their clients by managing more in less time
  • Additionally, accuracy is increased and turnaround is more timely
  • Reduce costs to clients, yet manage more. A more profitable model benefits provider and client alike
  • For Accountants, the ability to provide bookkeeping services to clients also means better turnaround and process flow.
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