Who do I send the documents to when done?
You have a choice:

  • EMAIL on request can be arranged
  • We will create a share folder on dropbox for you to copy and paste files into (this is handy for large files that struggle with email)
Is my data secure?

Yes, we do not hold onto your data.  Once we have finished with your file (usually within 24 hours) your MYOB / QuickBooks / Xero datafile will be returned to you and you will have access to your source documents from a desktop version of digibookx™  for easy retrieval of documents.  These files can be archived as often as you wish and saved to any storage media of your choice including DVD, USB or hard drive.   We do not hold onto client records for longer than 24 hours unless specifically requested by you.

How does digibookx™ read the data?

digibookx™ incorporates OCR document management software. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which means that the program can 'read' and recognise each individual letter, even handwriting, and 'translate' it into a standard form of text. digibookx™ takes document management software with OCR one step further by automating the next steps in the bookkeeping process for you.

Do you support MYOB LiveAccounts?
Yes, we support the online version of MYOB and desktop versions

Do you accept QuickBooks online accounts?
Yes, we support QuickBooks online.

How quickly can you get my MYOB / QuickBooks / Xero database back to me?
When you send us your records, we can usually have the database returned to you within 24 hours. That includes your financials being updated with the latest information and a scan of each document available for viewing from within your database.


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