How It Works

Scanned and original digital documents (such as PDFs) are fed into digibookx™ which then processes the data into popular accounting packages - potentially reducing bookkeeping costs by up to 75%.

Full technical software support for small business is included as part of the set-up process provided by digibookx™. Due to our expertise in accounting and bookkeeping, we can also provide clients with suggestions on improvements to their existing processes that results in streamlined record keeping and will improve your quality assurance program. Once implemented, these new processes will result in fewer questions being asked by your tax accountant at the end of the financial year. 

digibookx™ provides seamless integration with MYOB®  QuickBooks® and Xero accounting packages.

The digibookx™ process - 5 Easy Steps

digibookx™ is quick, reliable and secure! Save hours in transferring digital information into your MYOB®  QuickBooks® or Xero accounts. Additionally, you always have the support of our MYOB® QuickBooks®  & Xero  technical support services.

  1. Scan source documents to a PDF file and send to us by email or via dropbox
  2. Exemplar will initially map your entries to your Chart of Accounts (it will be automatic the second time around)
  3. You will be notified of your updated  MYOB®  QuickBooks® or Xero database within 24 hours
  4. Exemplar will give you a list of any queries that may require a response from you (missing invoices, new suppliers, etc)
  5. Exemplar makes required adjustments and updates your MYOB®  QuickBooks® or Xero database accordingly

After three months, expect 99% accuracy


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