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digibookx™ is a unique combination of software backed up by local professional service. When you place your order, you will be given access to our exclusive software, which can be installed on your computer. This will give you a searchable database of all your documents that are securely stored online, and the ability to print out copies as required.


As part of our service, an account is manually set up for you.

Data will be continuously monitored by our qualified bookkeepers, and any inaccuracies or complex transactions will be compiled into an exception report. This report will be investigated by a CPA / Accountant and any queries will be directed to the customer for verification.

Our systems are intelligent and will learn how your invoices are structured over time, which means the longer you utilise the service, the less time required for monitoring.

Depending on transaction volume, the cost works out at approximately $1 per transaction. Comparing this to a bookkeeper employed at $60,000 per year, you could save up to 75% of your existing bookkeeping costs!

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