BeanCounters2u: Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

BeanCounters 2U specialise in Corporate Accounting solutions by tailoring bookkeeping packages for small to medium-sized businesses. We do this by providing regular Management Reports and a face-to-face meeting with a qualified Accountant to explain what the figures mean. We can assist you to develop a budget and show you how to monitor cashflow, and work with you to ensure you achieve your goals.

DIGIEON Technologies: Document imaging and storage

DIGIEON has a presence in the USA and India. We provide cost effective document and content management solutions, turnkey software solutions, digitization solutions and IT services.

We are totally a product and service solution provider. Our main focus is to integrate technologies with services to facilitate and improve the rapid deployment of leading edge document storage and retrieval systems. We also utilize our expertise to various organizations in this as well as other related areas.

The management has over 25 man-years experience in Software and Document Management Systems. We have delivered successful and efficient document management solutions since 1998. Our proprietary technology is to focus on direct client requirements, significantly improve organizations in document management strategies and deliver top line results while reducing risks of failure.

Exemplar Performance Advantage: Corporate Governance and productivity improvement

Exemplar Performance Advantage Pty Ltd was established in 1981 and is a leading provider of corporate governance processes and associated performance evaluation solutions for the global corporate market. Specialising in the evaluation of corporate performance, Exemplar is recognised internationally for its corporate governance and financial literacy training.

Exemplar's products includes Director and Accounting skills tests and digibookxâ„¢, the revolutionary automated accounting process. Our Head Office is in Sydney with international affiliated offices in Baltimore and Bangalore.

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