digibookx™ for the Bookkeeper

digibookx™ does not spell the end of Bookkeeping. It does however open the door to many more opportunities.

Current Bookkeeping practices

The current Bookkeeping practice is limited to a certain number of clients, which means limited income levels.

Hiring new staff can be time consuming and costly. And new employees require a period of training that results in lowered revenue during that time.

You also need to handle the marketing, sales, client management, IT technical services, and administration. Do you have enough hours in the day to undertake these tasks - as well as check your staff's work?

After coping with all of the above issues, you may come back to find that your staff have resigned, and within days poach some of your key clients.

After digibookx™ Bookkeeping practices

As a model for improving your business, digibookx™ will mean:

  • There will be no need to train staff on basic Bookkeeping
  • It will be difficult for staff to poach clients
  • Less time will be required on the audit of processed data
  • More time will be available to market your business and increase the number of clients
  • New found productive time can be spent on higher level tasks such as Management Reporting, which is chargeable at a higher rate per hour
  • Faster turnaround of accounts means clients will have the information available for timely critical management decisions
  • The use of a unique online searchable library that can quickly retrieve archived imaged PDF documents.
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